Stuck for things to do with your Toddler?

I want to be perfectly honest with you

I actually started writing this post last Summer to tell you about the Toddler Summer Camp I had created. A 5 week virtual camp for toddlers filled with activities, recipes, games, sheets to print and play with and ideas for outings. The full 5 weeks were pretty epic and came along with an engaged Facebook Group of campers parents to share more ideas and boost each other. It took a lot out of me to create, a LOT of late nights and I loved every minute of it.

But then I disappeared on you. No follow up, no continuing the Facebook Group as planned, no making of the Winter Fairy Camp as I had intended, just tumbleweed. And I feel just awful about it.

Where was I?

I was hiding in a pit of despair, self-doubt, pain and anguish which I had entered around September last year, my 13 year relationship broke up, and it wasn’t pretty! You know when your toilet trained toddler suddenly pees in the middle of the vegetable aisle and you just wish a hole would open up and help you disappear? Well it was just like that, but this one was DEEP!

I floundered, I hid, I believed him when I was told I was not good enough!! (How very dare he!) But I have managed to find my way back, to become more ME than I was ever allowed to be throughout that relationship. I never realised how much I had lost myself. How little ME there really was left. And looking back I now understand what led me to create It was the little bit of me that was still inside, trying to come to the surface.

Life will test you, but remember this, when you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger


I was brought up to have an incredible inner strength, as most women have, and I remembered how to access it again after years of having to hide it. I stood up for myself, and realised that I wanted my daughters to grow up in a home that wasn’t so toxic. In a home where they could see how they should be treated. And I was not giving that to them, so something (read: someone) had to go. But the transition was painful, and long. And the realisation of what I had let happen to me over the years was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and still am going through. Without the help of some amazing women who had been through the same thing before, I don’t know if I’d have had that initial strength to say enough. 

Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back


I’m starting to love my life again, slowly! But most importantly I started to love me again, and even more importantly I believe in myself again! The abuse hasn’t gone away yet, but I have the strength to let it wash past me now. And am busy setting up my life how I want it to be.

I 100% owe my reclaiming of my life to my amazing toddlers, my family, some incredible close friends and you!

“Me? What did I do?” I hear you wonder.

Well, it was the very fact that I left Toddler Campers hanging with no conclusion at the end of August that made me so determined to come back with something SO epic, SO awesome and SO exciting, that you’ll hopefully forgive me. I just didn’t have anything left in me to continue. The posts on here stopped too. The Facebook posts stopped, and even the Instagram. I did tell you, this hole was deep!

Here’s to strong women! May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

So What’s Next?

I have been working on a Monthly Toddler Camp Membership that is bigger and better than anything I’ve done before. I had to keep going throughout everything for my daughters. They are only young, my eldest was 3 in November and my youngest has just turned 2. They needed their Mummy to keep going (even though my whole world had fallen apart and seemed to be getting worse), carry on doing fun things and activities, and be OK! It was hard. I floundered a bit, and I have to admit that sometimes I lost it and just accepted it would be a movie day. Don’t we all have those days sometimes?

Mama completely overwhelmed

But that’s just what Toddler Camp is about. A monthly online resource that you can access straight from your phone, tablet or computer even when you “Don’t feel like it”. With simple to access activities, ideas, recipes and now with added science experiments too! It will take out all of the stress from your day as you won’t have that feeling any more of “What are we going to do all day?” And being a Mum, I know how much I appreciate when things are super simple. All of the activities in camp are found in ONE place, all together. Each has something you can print out and many of the activities instructions are in the form of a recipe that you can refer to as you work through the activity. And there is the added bonus of the Toddler Camp Facebook Group, where I attempt to demonstrate some of the activities. Sometimes it all goes wrong, sometimes I forget the camera is rolling, and sometimes it’s a fairly ok video.

I promise, it’s going to transform your days, and your relationship with your toddler for the better. And it comes with a money back guarantee! Just email me if you’re not 100% happy with it in the first 30 days.

Make more GREAT days!

Toddler Camp is now in it’s third month and June’s Toddler Camp is live now, and registrations are open until June 9th. It is available to join for just £9 per month. Those that have joined already are loving it so far. Payment is totally secure, through a PayPal subscription and you are free to cancel at any time. 

You can read more about Toddler Camp HERE


Want to know more?

You can, for this week only, access the Toddler Camp Mini. With a selection of activities, games, crafts, recipes and experiments from previous Toddler Camps, there are things to print and play, ideas that are great for restaurants etc, and experiments too. You can join it for free all this week, just fill in your details below. I’d love for you to come and join and see what you think for yourself.


It will give you a taste of the platform that Toddler Camp is hosted in (Teachable) and show you how easy it is to access, from any device. You’ll also have lots of fun ideas and things to do with your toddler for free. How great is that?


I Will Survive

I’m really excited about the future now. I know that whatever happens, I won’t let myself disappear again. I know the warning signs to watch for now.

I’m having a lot of fun creating the camps, and my daughters are loving the activities we make together for the camps. The late nights haven’t gone away just yet, but I know they’re worth it.

Some days she has no idea how she’ll do it, but every day it gets done – Said of every Mama!

Rachael x