Small Word Space Play

What’s Small World Play?Small World Space activity from with black turtle beans and grimms rainbow

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll have come across some kind of small world play. This is a play set up for your child that enables them to develop their imaginations and explore a whole world, or place or topic in a confined-ish tray or box. And they’re lots of fun.

You can either play right along with them or sit back for a few minutes and let them discover it all for themselves.


This month we’re going to be doing lots of fun activities around the topic of space, so I’ve started off this with this small world play, to help introduce them to the planets in our solar system. I created some fun printouts to cut out to add into the small world, print two if you want to keep one as a place for them to match the cutouts to for an extra game.

Small World Space activity from with planets, stars and black turtle beans

You can download the Space activity below if you’d like to do it too, the pack includes the setup instructions, ways to play and the printouts. Then just add in whatever else you like that you already have at home.

Just click the image below to open up the pdf to print out at home.

Small World Space activity from
(click to download)




You can either set this up the night before, or while they’re doing something else, or let them help you set it up, depending on their age. My 3-year-old helped cut the planets out, and she is getting pretty good. My 2-year-old was more interested in seeing how far the beans would roll across the floor. But clean up is easy, a quick sweep and they’re gone.

Small World Space activity from with planets, stars and black turtle beans

We had a lot of fun with it all day today. This morning they played with the dry beans and planets, scooping, searching, matching etc. We talked about the names of the planets, what order they were in from the sun, the sizes of them and talked about the rings of Saturn. We also looked at a few on YouTube to see more realistic images of them.

Water Play

Then this afternoon, as usually happens with most things in our house, my children wanted to get them wet. Luckily the sun came out, so we took them outside and poured them into a plastic box we often use for water play. My girls then added water to the beans and I passed them a couple of cups and spoons and away they went again with what to them was a whole new fun activity. 

I hope you have a lot of fun with this one, head over to my Instagram to see more images of this one, follow me there to be kept in the loop with more activities, and if you do this activity you can tag and #toddlercamp in your photo’s to be featured in our feed.


Rachael x