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Stop sucking on plastic and get yourself one of these natural, compostable beauties: an organic bamboo straw!
We searched high and low for the best organic bamboo straws. We finally found a lovely cottage business in the Far East. The straws arrived wrapped in a giant cotton bag as we requested no plastic.
Bamboo is the fastest growing wood in the world, able to grow as much as 4-feet in one day. This make it one of the world’s most renewable material. Hence why bamboo is so popular at the moment.
We offer these straws individually or if you’re looking to buy bulk or wholesale then please get in touch.
NB Straw cleaners are sold separately.
Care instructions:
With good care, a bamboo straw should last you a long time, maybe even a lifetime!  When cleaning, it is advisable to boil in water and add a little white vinegar then rinse and dry for optimum results.
Bamboo is naturally antibacterial too!

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