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160 beautiful pages of undated prompted space for both you and your child to preserve your daily memories together. Incorporate it into your bedtime routine and create bedtimes that you will both cherish in this printed softcover version of My EPIC Toddler Journal. 

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What is My Epic Toddler Journal?

When I was little my biggest most earnest desire was to make the most of all of it, try everything, do everything and remember everything. Yes, every child is the same and things don’t change much when we get older right?

So today I am here to make YOU feel like THE best parent to ever walk the face of the internet.


My Epic Toddler Journal is THE ONLY journal that is a beautiful, colourful and fun journal aimed specifically towards children under 5, to keep track of things that matter to them and you.

  • It is a fun way to spend time with your toddler that will result in something you’ll both WANT to keep and look back on.
  • It is the easiest way to keep your child’s precious memories safe without it being a chore.
  • It encourages conversation, reflection and memory keeping while becoming a beautiful part of your day together that you will both cherish.

You can FINALLY stop forgetting precious moments, missing special bonding time together and start creating an EPIC of your child’s little years, all the BIG stuff.

I believe that someone as special as your toddler should have access to something as special as this, and I know that it will come to mean SO much more to you as you start to use it… I created this journal to use with my own toddlers, and they love doing it each night with me.


What’s Inside?


Daily Pages

Daily pages with prompts on the weather, mood, gratitude and books.

I suggest you use these pages as part of your bedtime routine. They are a wonderful way to reflect on the day, chat about any confusing or new things, and introduce life lessons. They help to encourage conversation and vocabulary as well as observation. Little ones notice more things during their day just to be able to include it in their journal.

There are also weekly summary pages to gather information from across the week, these may help you to see patterns developing or highlight changes in your child and are lovely to look back on to see what was their favourite last month or a year ago. They include the very useful ‘favourite meals’ section which is a great way to get inspiration on what to cook for them, looking back over the previous months to be reminded about a forgotten favourite.


Activity Pages

There are fun activities, recipes and pictures dotted throughout the journal as well as inspiring quotes for both your child and you. There is also space to add photos throughout the journal. Don’t keep them all locked away in your phone any more.


Other Pages

As well as an opening ‘All About Me’ section at the beginning of every journal, there are also monthly reflection pages for you to write a note to your child about something they did or said, something you love about them or a way that they have made you proud.


When will I receive it?


Order now and you will receive your journal within a couple of days via Royal Mail postage. Alternatively, you can order on Amazon worldwide.



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