[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here in the shop, we are expanding our range to offer more ethical and eco-friendly family brands. If you would like to be considered to be included in our store, please get in touch with us.


Glückskäfer brought to you from

New to the range, I am so happy to bring to you Glückskäfer.

Based on Waldorf and Montessori principles of open-ended play and imagination, the Glückskäfer range, created in a family run business, and stunning to look at as well as play with. They will help develop your children’s imaginations and look like works of art when they’re not being played with.

Brightly coloured, or left to show the natural grain of the wood, Glückskäfer wooden toys are not laquered, to leave a finish that is easier for stacking.

Glückskäfer has been owned by Nic Toys since 2011, well known for specialising in natural and open-ended toys for children.

Glückskäfer uses only selected woods, mainly beech and maple, from European forests certified to FSC / PEFC standards for sustainable forestry. In their production, wood waste is collected and recycled energetically in their own factory. Furthermore, their products are tested, and mainly water-based paints are used. These are ecological and completely safe for the health of children.


Tegu brought to you from

Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favoured classic. By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. The Tegu blocks defy gravity and push your imagination in ways never before possible.

Created with beautiful Central-American hardwoods and safe water-based finishes, these blocks have proven wildly addictive for children of all ages and will encourage the simple joy of creating for generations.

Tegu exists to create experiences that captivate children in safe, natural and innovative ways. At Tegu, this creativity also meets responsibility. Through socially responsible business practices and humanitarian efforts, they are dedicated to helping the Honduran community with reforestation, education and social outreach initiatives.


Creatimber Balance Boards now available at

Creatimber are based in Hungary and make such lovely Waldorf inspired balance boards from sustainably harvested European plywood (fsc), and using only child and environmentally friendly water-based acrylic paints and lacquers. Each board is a unique design of nature and handmade with lots of love and care in Hungary.

The point of open-ended toys is not what they can do, but what the children can do with them. These Creatimber are no different. They can become a slide, footstool, see-saw, bridge, road, mountain, stage, tunnel, catapult, balance beam… or anything a child can dream up. The range of possibilities is endless.

Creatimber moves not only the children’s imagination but gives them a new moving experience, which they have never had before. It develops a sense of balance, body awareness and it is also excellent for stimulating the vestibular system, which all have an effect on learning processes. It improves children’s body awareness, spatial awareness, balance and coordination skills, builds self confidence and offers an opportunity for engagement in creative sensory play.

Like so many other things, imagination is hardly something we need to give our children, for it is simply a part of who they are. This simple, eco-friendly wooden tool provides great opportunity for children of different ages to develop and have fun at the same time.



Small Foot product from Small Foot are owned by Legler, a large company in Germany, with small ideals. Not only do they use FSC Woods in their products, but the company ensure fair working conditions for their workers and are CO2 Neutral in their shipping.

Small Foot offer a huge range of toys, and I have selected the very best to be a part of my shop. From musical marbles to caterpillar stackers to threading blocks, and they are all incredibly well made and incredibly cute.