5 toddler friendly uses for your Nutribullet

5 Alternative uses for your nutribullet-toddler friendly recipes and smoothies. Toddler friendly fast food with a blender/nutribullet from Nurtured.me

So if you joined the craze to get healthy and bought a Nutribullet over the last couple of years, and then you fell into 1 of 3 camps:


You made a couple of green smoothies from the book that came with the Nutribullet, thought they were pretty yuck and stashed it in the cupboard, where it still lives along with the breadmaker and the sodastream (how long has that been in there for!!)


You make occasional smoothies when you remember and have fresh fruit in the fridge (these 2 occasions don’t coexist very often) You’d like to use it more but how many smoothies can one girl drink?


Your life has transformed since buying it, you use it daily, and wonder how you ever lived without it. You have got your moneys worth for sure and feel healthier too!


If you’re already in Camp 3 ✋️ high five to you my friend! Have a browse below and see if there is anything you can add to your arsenal. 

If you’re in Camps 1 or 2, I’m here to help you get into Camp 3, it’s fun I promise, and OH SO DELICIOUS!!!! 

Have a read of the 5 alternative (and toddler friendly) ways to use your Nutribullet below and open yourself up to a whole new world of deliciousness (Is that a word? Well it is now, and I’m keeping it!) To keep the purists happy, I’m including a bonus for you too! My toddler friendly breakfast smoothie recipe! Mmmmmm

Spoiler alert…. Nutribullets can be used for more than just healthy Smoothies!!

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1 – Kids Milkshakes (nice for the grownups too)Milkshakes and other recipes made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.me

For a delicious, nutritious, vitamin packed and sugar free milkshake, just add full fat milk and fruit into the nutribullet tall cup, and blend with the blade for about 5-10 seconds!

Banana Milkshake:

  • 2 Bananas
  • Full Fat Milk up to the max line(more goodness than lower cream versions)

Strawberry Milkshake:

  • Handful of strawberries, washed and with stalk removed
  • Full fat milk up to max line

Choose any fruit combinations to add that you like and just experiment with quantities to suit you.

 Tip: For a little added thickness and even more vitamins,

sprinkle a tbs of ‘Ready Brek’ in before you mix


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2 – Homemade Hummus

Hummus and other recipes made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.me

Hummus is packed with Protein, thanks to the glorious chick pea! So is great to add to lots of meals as a healthy dip and to get a bit more into your little ones, and yourself too! A fantastic addition to any picnic too!

  • 1 tin of chickpeas – washed very well
  • Half Lemon – juiced
  • 1 tsp Tahini (sesame paste)
  • 1 tsp Olive Oil

Put everything into the nutribullet cup, blend and enjoy.


Hummus and other recipes made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.meYou can either keep it plain, or try adding other veggie’s and herbs to the mix to flavour your hummus, such as half a red pepper, a clove of garlic, a handful of basil or even a hot chilli for a bit of spice. Serve with sliced veg, bread sticks or crisps/chips. Or, for an authentic hummus, after you’ve served it into a bowl, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil, throw on a few chickpeas reserved from the tin and some finely chopped chilly and herbs.

Experiment, have fun! 

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3 – Pancake Batter!!Pancakes made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.me

My Mother and her Mother before her used to use this same recipe, and I have used this since I was old enough to cook too. This makes pancakes for all sorts of uses.

  • 100g (4oz) Plain Flour
  • pinch Salt
  • 1 medium Egg
  • 300ml (1/2 pint) Milk

Traditional shrove Tuesdays Pancakes (Crepes)

Pour batter thinly into a very lightly greased pan, when the holes appear evenly, flip the pancake over, leave to cook for another minute or so, then flip onto a plate, add sugar and lemon juice and enjoy.

Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes:

Cook pancakes as above, but then roll them up with a mixture of ricotta cheese & chopped spinach. Transfer several to an ovenproof dish, pour some tomato pasta sauce over and sprinkle with cheddar and mozerella cheeses. Cook in the oven at 200oC

This same batter also makes Traditional Yorkshire Puddings!!

In a muffin tin, drop a little coconut oil (or any other high temperature cooking oil) put in a HOT oven to heat the oil. Fill the muffin tin holes half full, back into the oven on high for 15 minutes. Remove, serve with a roast, enjoy!

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4 – Green omelettes!! (What?!?! I hear you wail, just trust me, please!)

Green omelette with eggs and spinach, made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.me


  • 2 Eggs
  • Handful of Spinach

Crack a couple of eggs into the Nutribullet cup. Blend for no more than 3 seconds and then throw in a handful of spinach and whizz again for a couple of seconds. Melt a half a tsp of coconut oil in a clean none stick pan, pour in the egg mixture, cook, flip and cook. Roll up for an alternative serving method. Great for children to eat rolled. Double protein. Call it a Ninja Turtle Roll and even the most stubborn eater will devour it ???

Try adding different vitamin packed ingredients to this mix to get different colour and taste results.


[trx_line style=”double” color=”#88b461″] And finally, My favourite (Now I know this is definitely not what the makers of the Nutribullet had in mind for it’s use when they created it, but to be completely honest, some weeks it wouldn’t get out of the cupboard if it weren’t for this……):

5 – Hot Chocolate! Creamy Frothy Hot Chocolate and other recipes made in a nutribullet from Nurtured.me

Yes, really! The frothiest, creamiest hot chocolate you’ve ever had, in just a few seconds! Mmmm

Heat milk in a saucepan or microwave until hot but not boiling. Add cocoa or chocolate powder per the carton. Whizz in your Nutribullet for 10-15 seconds. Serve, devour!

Whenever I make myself a hot chocolate like this, I also whizz up a little plain milk, and sprinkle with a dusting of chocolate powder for my little ones. They get the hot chocolate fun without the full on sugar rush followed by tantrums. Miss Blu does not process sugar well!! It also has to be served with some genius Tom Hanks ‘Hot Chocolate’ song on the side (Polar Express anyone?)

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And here is the Bonus I promised, you’re going to love it!:


Bonus – Breakfast Shake

For the days when there is no time for breakfast (or your precious tribe are refusing breakfast!{don’t you just love those days ?}) Whizz up this delicious and nutritious ‘breakfast shake’ instead. All the nutrients you’d usually find at breakfast, as well as a few extra goodies! They’re happy, you’re happy!

  • Ready Brek 1tbs
  • Nutty granola 1/2 cup
  • Chia seeds 1tbs
  • Flax seeds 1tbs
  • Banana
  • Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, whatever fruit you have in the house
  • Full fat milk

Put granola, chia seeds and flax seeds in tall cup and mix with seeds blade. Add everything in, whizz it up with normal blade and serve with a straw. 


Don’t have a Nutribullet?

Here are the links to buying a Nutribullet on Amazon UK and US



Do you have any other ways you use your Nutribullet or blender?

UPDATE: To see how we now make ice cream in our Nutribullet as well, head HERE…. It’s so good and so healthy!