Welcome to My name is Rachael, and I’m the founder of A single mother to two adorable little girls, I’m currently sleep deprived, due to night-time snuggles and work, to the tune of about 5 hours a night (when I really need at least 10).  I am surviving on love, snuggles, good food and lots of sugar-free chocolate at the moment. You are very welcome to stay for a while here, have a look around and a poke about.  If you want to get in touch I would LOVE to hear from you. You can email me to just say hi, tell me about yourself or make a suggestion.

I believe in equality for all. For all humans to be treated equally irrelevant to gender, sexual orientation or colour. I believe this will only come from a never-ending self-education, and to that end, I also share resources in my social media stories. Click the links, learn and grow.

A Little About You

You’re a parent to a young child or children, you’re dedicated to them, but there is more to it than that. You want the very best for your child and sometimes give yourself a hard time about getting it wrong, but the very fact that you worry about this confirms what an excellent and caring parent you really are!

You want to spend more quality time with your children, and spend less time on essential tasks and chores that take away from the fun play time.

You’re sometimes at a loss with what fun activities you can do with your children, and end up opting for the easy option of the TV or a movie.

You want to do things for yourself too, but by the time they go to sleep, you’re completely zombied and can’t think of anything you could do for some ME time.

You enjoy cooking, or at least you like the concept of enjoying cooking, and you’d like to know how to make more nutritious meals for your family, which don’t take hours of time away from your children and don’t come out of a box or the freezer.

You care about our planet, you’re making changes for yourself and your family and trying to be concious about the things that you consume.

A Little About is intended as a place of nurturing for humans. With tips and information on a variety of ways to help improve your own health and wellbeing, which will, in turn, increase your capacity to nurture our children and world. If we are feeling low or exhausted ourselves, it’s hard to give out good to others. I know how hard it is, with only 16 months between my daughters, parenting is exhausting! But with a few small changes to your routine and diet, you can feel great again, even without 8 hours a night.

I feel it is so important to give our children the best of us. They are the next generation, and they will need greatness in them if they are to progress this world and make it better. So, there is also information on both nutritious meals and fun activities for our children. I also created the My Epic Toddler Journal to help strengthen the connection between you and your child. sources plastic-free products that are designed to make everything that bit easier. Here you will find easy plastic-free swaps to your usual daily products, that don’t cost the earth and will help you to reduce the impact you have on our world.

You can now also find lots of organic foods at Sourced directly from my Refill Store in Lancashire – Zero One. All packaged without plastic.

You can start today by taking a look at some of my favourite products to help you on your plastic-free journey to zero-waste or reading one of my articles.


For every order you place at I will plant a tree for you with Tree Nation. At the end of each quarter, I will make a donation to Tree Nation, to plant trees within a chosen project around the world, on your behalf, and you will receive details on it directly to your email.

I’m thrilled to announce that are working towards several accreditations with internationally recognised organisations to be transparent about our sustainability and donations.

The Quick Version

It’s time to Nurture yourself, your family, your home and our world. is a family-run haven of organic food, plastic-free products, wooden toys and a growing resource to help you reconnect with yourself and your family. Browse the shop to make some plastic-free changes on your journey to living a zero-waste lifestyle, or subscribe to our plastic-free subscription Box Zero and be sent a themed box of small plastic-free changes each month. Read our posts on all things family, home, food and sustainable living. Find out more about My Epic Toddler Journals as a way to daily journal with your toddlers. 

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